In 2010 we were awarded a commission as part of the Cultural Olympiad in association with Chester Performs to explore the theme of diversity and equality in the city of Chester.

Me & Mine is a short documentary film that aims to explore the collective identity of a city's community. Through conversation with people young:old, male:female, gay:straight, black:white (to name a few) it explores the eclectic network of relationships and highlights the diversity within the city. Uncovering a wealth of contrasts and revealing how easily human relationships can transcend the boundaries of social segregation, Me & Mine explores the theme of identity beyond the physical, cultural and spiritual and celebrates the core values of love, respect, support and the everyday experience. Me & Mine considers the insignificance of labels when it comes to our nearest and dearest. Being familiar with something or someone different can eradicate the fear of the unknown and shift us from ignorance to understanding, from apathy to empathy, from division to unity and, the ultimate goal, from conflict to peace.